Friday, December 11, 2009

Creating Keepsakes Magazine

Has anyone else gotten their latest issue (Jan)of Creating Keepsakes? Now that Becky Higgins, Ali Edwards, Lisa Bearnson have all stepped down and there is no sign of Jessica Sprague in the new issues, the new 2010 edition reads like a beginner's introduction to scrapbooking.

Who exactly is their target audience?

If you take your cue from the articles and layouts, it is beginning scrapbookers with young children. The tips and techniques are so mind-numbingly simplistic that I was shocked. For example - "to create a ticket shape, cut a rectangle shape from cardstock and punch a 1/4 circle in each corner." Seriously?!

Ooh, I HATE it. No wonder they were practically giving away subscriptions this summer. Ugh, I've got 2 years of this drivel coming. What the heck happened to this magazine? Have you heard anything?

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Sara said...

I haven't heard anything but noticed what you mentioned in your post. I thought they would make way for some really great, new scrapbookers like Lizzy Kartchener but it does seem a bit our friend Gracie said, that will be the next magazine to bite the sad...