Saturday, December 12, 2009

Project 365 catch up

I made several paper garlands experimenting with adding leaves and flowers between the sections of circles. I used all vintage style papers including book text, sheet music, ledger paper and patterned paper. I like it a lot!

I love printed napkins. They are a treat that I buy for myself (and sometimes happily get as gifts). I won't pay much for them so they are often from the clearance end caps at Target or from TJMaxx, Ross, or Tuesday Morning.

Today is a day to celebrate (thus a party favorite - Rye Boat) because RobotFest is today and then we are done with Robotics until the New Year. No more cooking for the team for me, coaching for Joe and long hours after school for Jarrett. It is a good day! Tomorrow is going to be all about relaxing, staying in pjs and watching Cmas movies all day eating party finger foods!

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Sara said...

What an awesome tradition! I wish we did that in my house!