Saturday, September 5, 2009

Art Day and bread

Yesterday was Art Day with Roben-Marie. What an inspiring day. As always, RM and I trade goodies for each other and share techniques (though RM always is teaching me way more than I am teaching her!)

I made pages for my Elise Blaha class and am crazy about how these came out.

Very cool stuff thanks to RM.

And then on to baking...

This is Sally Lunn bread that my guys and I made last night. They were so excited to watch the machine make the dough - it came out so silky and then we baked it in a bundt pan. As soon as it could be sliced and not burn our fingers and mouths, we cut slices and ate them with butter and strawberry jam. So delicious. We are loving this bread machine.

Happy holiday weekend everyone!

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