Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Project 365

I caught a glimpse of the moon this morning as the sun was coming up.

Over the weekend, we decided that despite the very summery temps, we are ready for a season change. I love fall and the holiday season so we ushered it in. Afterwards we went for a swim - the pool is getting very chilly. Oh, that it were heated.

Having fun with more bread making. My beignets were not successful. Not sure what I did wrong but they were flat and tough.

Look at these cool things! Found them at thrift store over the weekend. We put cnadles on them and lit them while we were swimming at dusk. Already dreaming of lanai parties with the candles lit. We are coming into the season where it is pleasant to be sitting outside in the evening. Love it when cool evening weather hits us. Not too much longer.

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