Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project 365

Packing? Yeah, I can do that. My girlfriend, Lucy taught me well. She used to come visit me when I was a young married and stay on the couch for 2 weeks each summer while she was on school break from teaching in 2 suitcases. You can't even begin to imagine what she would pull out of those suitcases. Mary Poppins and her carpet bag were no match for her.

She was amazing.

She would take home even more and still get it in. Sometimes we had our doubts but she always got it all back in. Luckily that was back before they weighed your suitcases. Sometimes it would take two of us to lift those suitcases but close they did. (Zippers were made much stronger than the ones now).

So, ten days in a small suitcase? No contest.

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