Monday, July 27, 2009

Donna Downey Class

It is so weird to walk into a classroom and say,"Hi, Donna!" cos you feel like you know her. Like we had lunch last week and yet you are a complete stranger to her. She handled it really well. She was warm and friendly and was good with you being her friend even though you aren't - at all. She talked to everyone as if she was your scrap buddy and it was her turn to teach at the weekly crop night.

And then there is the whole thing where you sit there and think about this person that you are chatting with and how she will never know how much she has encouraged you from afar by watching her journey or how she was instrumental in you trying new things like painting faces and painting backgrounds. There is just no way to tell her without coming off like a stalker so you just hope she knows from your smile that you think you are creative soul sisters.

It was reminiscent of my being in a room with Ali Edwards two years ago and being completely awestruck. And silent cos what the hell do you say other than "Hi, I am really excited about this class." It is all so strange and I am kind of getting used to it because I have met so many of my scrap inspirations now and taken classes with them. But still it is surreal.

My one complaint about the class was that we had so little space. There really was no solution for that other than to just cope with wet pages drying (and not drying) wherever you could put them. Limiting the class size would have been great but that means that people would have been turned away and that would have stunk too so what can you do?

My canvas album is about 50% finished at best. I do not have time to work on it before vacation so it will have to wait. Here are a few of the pages that have something on them to show.

Masking with paint.

Watercoloring a stamped image on a water colored and text background.

Nearly finished - acrylic painted background with stamped accent.

Modeling paste and water color Tim Holtz mask swirl.

Modeling paste hearts with watercolors. I am a big fan of the modeling paste and want to explore much more with this now that I have some and know what to do with it.

So, it was a great experience. Loved it. Can't wait to work on it more and finish it up. Will post pics when that happens. Right now it is all about packing.

Questions? Grace/Sara - interested in the Inspired Event???


Grace said...

When is it?? lol I love what you made. Pretty. Usually she makes pictures and other home projects right?? Last years looked cute. Have you ever been??? Did you go to the one we met at? I forgot where it was this year...I did not hear anything about it. I can't beleive they closed the store but at least still having the events...have a great vacation sweetie...let me know when you get back. Hugs Grace

Sara said...

Sounds and LOOKS fun! I would definitely be interested next year! We'll have to keep a eye out for it...

Have a great vacation! We are gone next week too...