Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My friend, Lucy and I have been friends since I was the new girl in Mrs Edwards 4th grade class back in 1825. We have been through everything together - boyfriends, college, husbands and we both became parents through adoption. We, as they say, go WAY back.

We have been talking to each other nearly every weekday this summer. It has been a hoot and a great way to reconnect in these busy, somebody is yelling "Moooommmmm" in the background times.

While on vacation, I have promised to text her. I have taken possession of Jarrett's unlimited text msgs phone and she has commandeered her daughter's iPhone. And we are texting each other. Course we had to have our kids teach us HOW to text but we mastered it and now we are texting back and forth. I have to use the stupid keypad (and progressive lenses - argggh!) that takes forever while she has a keyboard but we are still making it work.

Lucy laughed and said, "we are elder texting!" So stinkin true! And FUN!

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