Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello, Goodbye and all NEW

Today feels like January 1st to me. The holidays are now officially over, back to our routines of school and work, and Day One of Project 365 for me. I chose to wait until now to start because I wanted the project to start on a Monday. Joe started on 1/1/09 so he is well into his project and doing a great job.
New one focus. It all feels so new. Takes me back to the first day of school and the smell of a new pack of Crayola crayons. The year freshly open before you ready to become whatever you want. Say goodbye to the old and ring in the new.
2008 was a challenging year - an interesting, tons of change and tumultous year. I chronicled the important to me things in my project for Design Each Moment. Some were big and some were little but important they were. When I think back to last January, we just had no idea the ride we were in for as a country, as consumers, and families. It was an E ticket ride that went on and on leaving us gasping for it to stop. Or at least slow down so we could catch our breath. No such luck, baby. Strap in and hold on tight.
I remember Heidi Swapp at Scrap Etc. talking about "what do you wish you had started a year ago?" Interesting question, isn't it? What is it that you want to start today so that a year from now you aren't kicking yourself thinking another year without... beginning/becoming/attempting or connecting/forgiving/challenging? I am thinking about my answer...
So, brand new day, what will you bring? What will I make it? I know it will involve grocery shopping cos we are Mother Hubbard over here!
The rest is still unwritten.


Anonymous said...

I love your 2008 project! So cool and so fun!


Sara said...

Love your 2008 project, I want to do something like that and do a "DO" page and really try to keep up with at least a monthly mosiac for a scrapbook...