Friday, January 2, 2009

New gratitude

Joe and I completed our 2008 gratitude journals (the smaller ones at the top of the photo) and started our new ones (the larger journals). Mine is from Kolette Hall's The Good Book class at CE and Joe just finished creating his. His "time" journal is really amazing and very artful.

We were really lucky and were able to navigate the debacle that was the KOTM Project 365 ordering process. It took 2 computers and 25 minutes but finally Joe was able to get thru and order one for each of us. Really excited to start this new project and am very proud of Joe making a commitment to his creative side. Can't wait to see what he does.

We are having a very laid back relaxing day. Yesterday we took down all of our Cmas decorations except for the lanai tree. We are not ready to give up lanai parties lit by the Cmas tree out there. That will stay up until we are good and finished with Christmas regardless of the calendar. That is SO different for me who usually takes down decorations on Dec. 26th.

And how are you doing?

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