Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whew - saved from myself

Project 365 - Lexi and I going for our walk.
Did you ever do something without giving it much thought and then realize that it was a colossally bad idea?
Yesterday I started down a path that if I had given it a moment's thought I would have realized that it was a terrible idea. But yesterday was busy and I did not think about it. I was completely blessed when the idea was stopped dead in its tracks by another person. At first I was mad - what do you mean you won't... and then I realized HOLY CRAP, what was I thinking? I know better.
Sometimes we are so lucky to have things not work out whether we realize it or not. I know that I was just saved from tons of frustration and a hefty amount of self incrimination when I realized what I had done.
Yesterday "no" was my gift.

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