Friday, January 4, 2008

Etsy delights

As you may have noticed, I have added some Etsy favorites on the sidebar of my blog. If you are not familiar with Etsy, you will want to become familiar. And then you can hate me for your new addiction.

You know how you go to a new quaint little town perched on the side of a _______ (mountain, forest, lake, the ocean) and you find that store that makes you say "ooooohhhh" when you walk in the door? That's Etsy. It is an online community of stores of artists and crafters that sell their wares in little stores. You can pay with PayPal (if you don't have a PayPal account, you really need one!) so that all of your financial info is secured and never is seen by any sellers. And the prices are very reasonable. You cut out the middle man and buy straight from the artist.

I have found several shops that I am have marked as favorites and my mind is whirling. I want this for me and this would make a great gift and this would be so cute... you get the idea. I will post in Etsy Delights the new things I find and let you know. Buying from artisans in our own country - supporting the arts here and Buying Handmade. Win - win.

So check it out. You can thank me later...

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Sarah B said...

Hi Sandi...Happy New Year to you!!!
Just catching up on what I have missed. We were OOT for a week visiting with Kevin's family in Starr, SC. Love your new craft wondering if I need that book??? My room so needs help!!! Also, funny tidbit....Joe was wearing a Hilton Head shirt in one of your past posts....Kevin is from Hilton Head. TOO FUNNY! Our 2 oldest kids were born there!