Saturday, January 5, 2008

Word plus day trip...


I picked my word for 2008. I like what it says about applying what you know. I have very much been in a gathering mode lately. I have also been experimenting. Now it is time to take the knowledge, inspiration, confidence and techniques that I have gathered and put them to good use. It is time to DO. (do was almost my word but I decided that "implement" was more descriptive - there is a simplicity and command to DO that is appealing!)

I really am standing at the edge of the mountain looking down deciding in which direction I am going to step off and fly. Time to stop accessing and go. Leap, trust, go, soar. Now.

My art studio is ready. I am ready. Let's roll.


Today we (the gang of seven) went to Deland for the day. I took along my camera and did not take it out of my purse. Oops. We went to cool antique and consignment shops. I bought a bowl and stuffed bunny for my Easter decor. We had a great time looking in the quaint little shops along an old revitalized downtown that screams yesteryear. Fun! Missing Bobbie, though!

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Bobbie said...

That is a fabulous word!

I am really, really missing you too. I am definitely starting to feel better... though still gross and decidedly very bored.