Thursday, January 3, 2008


Spent the day with my friend, Lucy and her kids. Lucy and I have been friends for many years. Like 41 years. We met in 4th grade in West Palm Beach, Fl. We have been friends ever since. As with all friendships, we have been super close at times and then go years without seeing each other as we raise kids and live life.
Now that we live an hour from her in-laws, we see each other more often. And we try to reconnect in the sometimes chaos of children. You learn to talk fast, bookmark and come back after breaking up a fight or helping cut up meat. We appeased the gods of restless children today and got about 2 hours of quiet time to just catch up and talk. It was really nice.
I look forward to the time when we can be friends again without being active parents. When we can sit over a long lunch and just chat about whatever silliness we want without interruption and without a time table. That day will come - today we got a small taste of it.
And Bobbie will not be arriving tomorrow. Poor baby is very sick and was seeking medical help when we last spoke. We will try again at a later date. I hope she recovers quickly. Stay warm and take care of yourself, Bobbie!
And Angela - Happy Birthday, my gypsy friend.

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