Thursday, December 13, 2007

To Do Lists

This stack in my bedroom has got to become wrapped gifts in the next 2 days. It just has to. It is time to do the dreaded post office run and get things in the mail.

In our quest/determination to SIMPLIFY Christmas, we have reduced our gift list in a significant way. That is helping tremendously. We are not spending as much per person this year either. We are trying to make plenty of space for the fun of the holidays. The stuff that really matters - spending time together, laughing uproariously and finding quiet, peaceful moments that leave an imprint on your heart.

And it is making a difference. I am enjoying the holiday season much more than previous ones. I do admit that not working outside the home during the holidays has given me a tremendous advantage. I have the luxury of time. What a gift that is. I can decorate, craft and bake to my heart's content. That makes a HUGE difference. It takes away the clock ticking so loudly in my ear as the pages of the calendar quickly flip towards the 25th - ready or not. I am not filled with the questions - did I do enough, can I get by with just this, and I am going to regret not doing this? Again - luxury.

But now, it is time to address those bags and get it DONE. I'll let you know how it is coming. How are YOU doing? I would like to hear, please.

Alleene, Pamela, Linda - please update me!

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