Monday, December 10, 2007

Crafting Monday

Love this little bird ornie. Easy directions here. I made a small adjustment. I made the parts out of pieces that the front and back paper matched. Read the directions and then it will make sense. I did not glue paper 1 back to back with paper 2 (with cardstock inside) - I did paper 1 to paper 1 for body and paper 2 to paper 2 for wings and tail. I also inked the edges of all pieces before assembling (makes a huge difference IMO).

Also made the reindeer version - gave this one to my BIL Bill. He is a deer lover and has a woodland Christmas tree so it was fate. I can always make another for us.

Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket and Flair. Scraps from my banner - good use of your scraps!

Thinking about trying these.

And if you are not reading Tim Holtz's tag classes on his blog - you are Missing It! He can rock the vintage, aged look like nobody else!

And speaking of woodland - are you reading the Daily Coyote blog? Another wonderful blog that is mostly photos. Start all the way back at the beginning and catch up to today. As it is mostly pics, it does not take more than a few minutes and so worth it.

Yes, I love Blogs. What a treasure trove of inspiration, information and generosity. Maybe a tiny bit obsessed so new rule - for every new blog I add, I ditch one that no longer makes the cut. I think that is fair. I have one on the chopping block right now that I KNOW I need to delete. Angela - did you hear that? I am almost ready - support me, friend!

edited: I totally hit the delete button - yeah me!

PS - THIS came today. Holy cow! Can't wait to play with it. No wonder it sold out in 48 hours!

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Bobbie said...

Oooooh you bought the big stamp set!