Sunday, December 9, 2007

happy things part 2

Steff and I made these guys. How cute are they?

I am very drawn to elves right now. These guys are from a thrift store. They were WAY overpriced but I wanted them.

These are brass - the flash makes them look silver. Thrift store finds polished up.

Craft show find.

I am going to so hate putting all this stuff away. Not only is it going to be a BIG job but I am getting so attached to everything that I am going to hate to pack it up! I just love Christmas!

1 comment:

Sarah B said...

My oh My have you been busy:).......Now I know why that album isn't going to be touched until AFTER the holidays.
Love the new stamp holders...I wish i had the room !!!
Hope all is well! Hey when you get a minute, email me your address so I can send you a Xmas card ok!