Sunday, December 9, 2007

happy things...

The printer's box I found at a thrift store is now the home for my alphabet stamps. No more digging in baggies for the stamps I need. I love organization and little cubbies. SO much.

This shelf that I bought at a craft show - love supporting my fellow crafters/artists - now houses some of my favorite and most used stamps. I reach for these over and over.

This is the Christmas Pyramid/Carousel that Joe bought at a thrift store. He has always wanted one and when Steff spied the box and showed it to Joe, it was a happy moment. Here it is in the place of honor on our dining room tablescape. How cool.

These guys are one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I found the original three at Cracker Barrel about 5 years ago. I added another just recently when I found him sitting on a shelf all alone at a thrift store. I knew that he needed to be reunited with his cousins. He is happy now.

Blogger would not load the rest of my photos this morning of the other decorations so I may have to go to Part 2 to get them all in.

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Cassie said...

I love those little guys. The one with the blue hat was always my favorite.