Thursday, December 13, 2007


This is our house decorated for Christmas. Isn't it pretty? It is really hard to keep the icing from melting in the Florida heat! Lexi loves her doghouse. She does take a small bite out of it everyday though...

OK, so Steff and I went to a gingerbread house exhibition to look at the creations. They were really varied and some were really creative (and some not so much).

Loved this town square entry with the produce shop and bakery. The fields behind the product stand were so cute - made with brown sugar for soil and little icing and marzipan veggies growing. Cute!!

The Calvin and Hobbes entry got my vote. The snowmen were very Tim Burtonesque. Some had no heads, some had lost their heads and some had 2 heads. Too funny - extra point for having an interior scene that was visible too.

Loved this penguin Arctic village too. So clever!!

And then I went back to wrapping. I am making progress but very slowly it seems. More wrapping to do.

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