Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Saw this today. Was in the mood for a piece of fluff movie. This fit the bill perfectly. Went by myself and enjoyed it.
Also want to see This Christmas and PS I Love You. I am seriously disappointed that Mr Magorium's Magical Emporium is getting such terrible reviews. I thought it looked so good from the trailers. The consensus is pretty clear though that it stinks. Guess I will Netflix it when it comes out on video.
Ready to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight. I do not care who wins as I like them all. Clearly Marie is much less talented as a dancer but she makes up for it in determination and age. So there is no clear answer to me.
I watched Samantha Who last night and did not hate it. Is it getting better or was I desperate for anything to veg in front of?
What are you watching??

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Bobbie said...

I watch everything ever on ABC:

Notes from the Underbelly (because I have baby fever), October Road (because there is a "chubby" actress on it), Pushing Daisies (my new favorite b/c of the storytelling style), Private Practice (it is no Grey's, but whatever), Ugly Betty (because it is on before Grey's), Grey's, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters....

All typed out like that... I am disgusted with how much television I actually watch. I also watched Dirty Sexy Money but I stopped because it isn't that great and I am "cutting back" and Big Shots for a few episodes but I find it to be absolutely terrible.

I am watching the more television this year than I have ever watched in my whole life... I think the desperation and need for vegging has finally gotten to me. :)