Friday, October 5, 2007

Click * snicker * click

I hear Click - snicker - click coming from my art studio. I know it is my sister with my camera. What is she doing? She has arranged the above scenario and taking pictures of it for me. To me it clearly needs a script.

"Hey there, Doll face. Do you come here often?"

"What big ears you have, Mr. Fox."

"Whatever, Dollface - let's get back to you. What's a pretty little doll like you doing here?"

So here is the story. AGAIN my sister drags me out at o' dawn thirty to go garage saling. There are these ads in the paper for "decorations galore" and we neeeeeed to go. OK, off we go. See, my sister is working on an art project that require lots of little kitchy things. And she needs them CHEAP.

We stop at our third stop. (And to be fair - I had already found a map print for Joe, a desk lamp and cool globe for Jarrett and a Salad Spinner still in the box {wedding present}. So despite making fun of Steff at every possibility, I had benefitted greatly from this adventure already. But that does not stop me from making fun of her whenever possible. I still have the Croc incident to live down.) Back to our story - so we walk into this nice older lady's garage and we start to see stuff immediately. Holy cow - we are talking the motherlode of crap and kitch AND it is marked at 5 and 10 cents. At this point, we are grabbing everything we can hold, then we got bags from the lady and keep going.

At one point, I hold up a trinket to my sister and ask, "Now, what about this?" She looks at me as if I were completely, incurably stupid and says, " It is a NICKEL, Sandi!" Oh, yeah! I guess the 20 questions of intrinsic value and artistic balance are out the window when it is a nickel. Just get it and if we decide later it is crap, we are out FIVE PENNIES. Ok, got it. Keep grabbing and ask questions later.

I know this is a crummy pic but this is the stuff we got. Tons of pieces. What a haul.

I mean REALLY - when is the last time you saw a little guy wearing an apple on his head for a hat? And carrying a basket of apples yet has scarecrow hair? Yeah, me either. He was a dime - he may be a collectible!

It was such a surreal and funny experience. I bought a leather and wood carved ottoman piece that the woman's husband bought in Turkey when he was piloting in the military a loooonnngg time ago. It was $3. Are you kidding me? It is so cool looking.

And this is a page in the altered project I am working on that is nearly finished. I have been wanting to combine paper, text, paint on a project successfully. Love the way this came out especially the places where I tore the paper off and it revealed the patterned paper underneath. Way cool. I will be doing that many more times. (glue book page to the patterned paper, paint over it where desired, then when dry, tear the book page off the patterend paper in random spots revealing paper underneath)

Joe's mom is doing well post surgery. It went very well. Joe is enjoying time with his sisters and parents.

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