Thursday, October 4, 2007


So, I was in AC Moore's ladies room when I looked down and saw my feet for the first time. I started laughing so hard that my exact location was fortuitous as I just about peed myself. I had already been out to lunch and had other errands to do before we went home.

I found my sister in the patterned paper aisle and said, "Look at my FEET!" She started laughing so hard that she threw her stash of paper at me and ran for the ladies room. She left me alone in the aisle laughing hysterically - like a complete loon. A loon who needs a shoe coordinator.

I do not know HOW this happened. How did I manage to get 2 shoes for the right feet out of the wrong pairs? How did I not notice this sooner? I know that it is sometime hard for me to see my feet over my ample bosom but that is another post for another time.

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