Friday, September 28, 2007


In my Heidi Swapp class, we have been talking about inspiration. One of Heidi's assignments was to look at non scrapbooking magazines and catalogues. That day in the mail there was a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. The settings for the photo shoots were completely adorable. I saw this tree idea on a costume page. I totally stole it. It is by the front door outside.

I found this branch on the side of the road while out with my sister. I ran across traffic to get it. I bought orange lights and the black spider web at KMart and then everything else at the Dollar Tree. Came home and put it together. I was channeling my inner Craft Diva - kinda like Martha Stewart but without all the drama.

I decorated the inside of the house too. Jarrett particularly likes all the spider webs hanging off the chandeliers etc. It looks really cool in here. If you are living in your dream house, it seems kinda of a shame not to have fun with it and rock out the holidays. Such fun! And I have Heidi to thank for getting it all started.

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