Sunday, September 30, 2007


Had a great weekend. As promised we hit the neighborhood garage sale and participated in "trick or treating for adults" as my sister likes to call it. We found a few things at the sale (some new rubber stamps and drawing pencils, etc.) and then off we went for breakfast at FlapJacks. I love their belgian waffle - yummo.

We decided to hit a few thrift stores as we were looking for a desk and chair for Jarrett's room. Found one pretty easily. Score! Jarrett's new Simpson's poster looks great over it.

We then decided that since there is a low pressure system off the coast that we needed to go to the ocean and see it when it is all kicked up and stormy.
No swimming allowed cos it was so dangerous but perfect for our new tradition Crabby Joe's. Had to have fish sandwiches and hush puppies out over the ocean. Delish as always. Here are our goofy pics from lunch/dinner.

This morning we woke up to strong breezes and low temps. It was actually almost cool this morning. We opened up everything in the house. The windows and my personal favorite - the sliders to the lanai. The trees were dancing and the breeze blowing. I felt like we lived on some tropical island. I love the concept of inside - outside living with no boundaries. For somebody who lived in Syracuse NY, the land of lake freakin' effect snow for 25 years, this concept is very foreign and idyllic. I Totally Love It.

We are going to have a sunset party just the three of us tonight so I need to end this and get out there so I don't miss it. Also there is a full(ish) moon again tonight that reflects in the pool and turns the whole lanai silver. That is gorgeous also. In fact, Friday night, we had a moonlight swim despite the cool water temp cos we just couldn't stay out. So nice.

Here is the fall puzzle that I found at a thrift store and grabbed. I love puzzles!

I am working on a new art project - will post pics soon. Have a good evening, friends. I will toast you with sangria at the sunset party!

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