Friday, September 28, 2007

catching up-

This is my gallery wall in my art studio. I have been trying to figure out how to display what we have been creating in a way that is changeable. I came up with this idea.

I have been wanting Van Gogh prints - tried to buy one at AC Moore but the framing was $135 for a $10 poster - come on! I found these 3 at a garage sale last weekend. They were $2 each - framed! It was such a find!! Woo and Hoo.

I bought this framed piece for Joe. It is hanging in the conslurvatory (library/computer room/ office = conslurvatory). It goes perfectly with the wall color. Perfect fit again. Joe loves it. (in case you can't tell it is a golfing scene)

The neighborhood garage sale was an education. I have been to neighborhood garage sales before. They are generally well attended and you can find some great stuff. But here it is a totally different experience. And going with my sister's family was different too. They are serious about their garage sales.

It was an ungodly humid day. I bought a board game and the box it was in was so wet with humidity that it was literally falling apart before I could get it to the car. Imagine the Brazilian rain forest - no, more humid than that. Ok, so we were soaked to the skin with a sticky sweat that was beyond gross. (I have never been as hot, sticky and sweaty as I have been since we moved here - oh yeah and I have STUNK too).

We got there early (before 8:00 am) and already it was crowded and parking was challenging. We took one van to limit the parking issue and then we started finding things. My niece bought a bar height bistro set, I bought all that art and a large wicker hamper, my BIL bought an extension ladder - where the hell was it all going plus 5 disgusting bodies? We made it work even though it was like a Far Side cartoon. I wish I had a camera with me to show you what we looked like!

We are going again this weekend. Wonder what we can put ourselves thru this time? I did learn come valuable things though. Do not bring your purse. Bring wipes to clean up yourself or the items you buy. Bring $1s and quarters - that is all you need. Bring both vans - one for people and one with seats removed for stuff. Plan on going home and showering immediately after you are done. Or after breakfast out where you go stinking and gross.

Do we know how to have fun or what? And be careful - if my BIL yells "glass!" be prepared to run out of his way. He will knock you down!

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