Friday, July 27, 2007

Where ya been?

So, I have been AWOL for about a week from my blog. There is a good reason.

I am reading The Artist's Way, as I've talked about before, and one of the exercises is a week long "reading deprivation". For one week (I did 5 days), you take a forced break from your recreational reading, TV, and, I included, computer reading cos that is where a bulk of my time is spent. It is my distraction of choice. I made Jarrett do it too. I am not getting nominated for any awards on his part. He hated it and complained but did it reluctantly - mostly.

What it taught me is that I do use distractions to keep from being creative even when I say it is the thing that I want most. Sometimes it is just easier to read about somebody else being creative than getting in there and doing it yourself.

Jarrett and I also spent some time in the art studio finishing up the organization. He was earning money and I was getting things done. Win-win. The studio is finished for this stage. There are still things I want eventually but I have to wait for the new Ikea to open in the fall in Orlando. So for now, I have done everything that I wanted to do. Not sure why I was putting off those last few hours of work but I was. No longer. And the room functions really well. See?

This is Art Night in my studio. We are working on journal projects. My greatest pleasure has been watching my niece, Chelsea tap into her creativity and get really excited about the work she is doing. I have been teaching her new techniques and she is excited about trying them. Nice work, Chels!

Steff and Bill have been doing some art also. Bill usually takes breaks to go fishing in the lake out back with Jarrett. But they usually find their way in to join us at some point during the evening depending if the fish are biting or if the bugs are.

And me? I have been doing some updating of the Secret Lake House magnet board that is on the wall between the kitchen and the art studio.

And teaching altering techniques or helping out with some inspiration on Art Night. It is a role that I truly enjoy. Sharing the love of art.

Today Jarrett and I went to see Ratatouille which we both enjoyed. It was a fun movie. I saw a preview for a movie that looked magical. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium starring Natalie Portman and Dustin Hoffman. This movie had me at the opening frames. Coming out at Thanksgiving. Already can't wait for this one.

And I am catching up on my favorite "So You Think You Can Dance". The talent on that show amazes me. The choreography is fantastic - even the weird stuff by Mia Michaels can be breathtaking and then sometimes like last week - just weird. Nonetheless it is never boring and great dancing - on TV - free. What is not to love?

So, that is where I have been - where have you been? Catch me up!

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