Sunday, July 29, 2007

"well, little for Florida"

This weekend we went to St. Augustine with my sister's family. They are St. Augustine frequent visitors so they were able to show us around. That was nice. Just tell me where to go.

We saw a bit of the old town and some of the cool shops.

And dodged one of the daily thunderstorms by eating lunch at the most opportune time. Check out the cloud formation in this picture post storm. I always wonder if the skies here are CGI created and directed by Spielberg. They can't be just naturally occurring - they are too freakin' bizarre!

There was so many cool signs, stamped bricks in the road and architectural details that I was shooting pics everywhere and still missed so many things. I was trying to channels my inner Tara Whitney. I totally copied her in some black and white photos I set up and shot. More on that later...

This marker was so cool. It marks the beginning of the Spanish Trail. Duh- don't know what that is. Ask me after our next trip to St. Augustine.

And this is the famous Chianti Room that we have heard about for about a year. Had chicken parmigiana (how do you spell that?) and fettucini alfredo - yum! Can't wait to go back when it is not hotter and more humid than the depths of Dante's hell. My clothes were completely soaked here just from sweat, sweat and more sweat - which makes portrait taking oh so appealing and successful. "Hey, can you look less sweaty, please?"

My niece, Chelsea found a store tucked away across the street and upstairs called Faraway Places. Now come on - you have seen the pics of my house. Do you think there was anything that I might like there? We literally bought what we could carry back to the car. I could have happily bought everything in the store and found a place for it. It was SO me and so Joe and so this house. I will take pics of the new purchases which are already in place cos my nail driving husband rocks!

Stay tuned for further installments...

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