Friday, July 20, 2007

The Inside Cover

More work with alcohol inks. I do enjoy them - quick results and totally spontaneous. You have to just let these do what they want. There is no planning these. Just be open to whatever appears. That is a great philosophy, isn't it? Sometimes you just have to be open to the results and they are always different and better than if you had planned it.

Let it evolve and allow it to occur. My "Notes from Today".

New rubber stamps from Catslife Press.

BTW - do you watch Bill Moyer's Journal on PBS? It airs here on Friday night. The topics and discussions have been amazingly thought provoking in these troubled political times. If you can find the one on Impeachment (aired here last Friday 7/13), watch it. It was full of ideas and concepts about constitutional powers that makes you think long and hard. It was not politically based but rather a look at the road we are traveling down in terms of destroying the constitution. I have been learning much about politics and our democracy because I was completely ignorant. This was informative and frightening all at the same time. Go, Bill!

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