Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time together

We had a great time having Cassie with us. It is strange that we are mostly a Party of Three and rarely a party of four anymore. That made having Cassie here all the more special.

And time to be brother and sister. Not so much big sister and pesky little brother anymore. Just siblings - with actual things in common. Amazing...
And time to play with the camera. And trying desperately trying to get a good shot of Mom - the MOST unphotogenic person in the world. Geez louise, Take 60 and 3 are OK. This photo was kinda cool cos of the interesting things in the background. I like the composition once you deal with the whole boob issue - hello, crop tool. Don't you wish the crop tool worked in life? Ok, this and that are OUT - good-bye.

And now back to more routine stuff - and back into the art studio. That is always a good thing!

I am reading The Artist's Way and finding it very interesting. Hmmm - finding your artist's voice. I am pretty sure mine has been whispering. And now we are up to a mumble. Wonder what will come out when I am ready to shout. Am I ready to hear it?

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