Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is this the Starship Enterprise?

These panels of light switches are all over the house. It is like a control panel to a starship. "Ummm, Spock, got any idea how I turn on the fan over the couch?" "Got any clue what this switch does?"

Is there a manual somewhere they forgot to leave for us? I am seriously considering giving Jarrett the job of Dyna labeling every switch so we can figure all this out.

These switches are at a normal lightswitch level. On Chapel Hill Lane the light switches were all installed by Andre the Giant so they were at shoulder level. Now we have to get used to normal level again. After 11 years of knocking things off the wall trying to switch on a ridiculously high switch, we can return to normal operation. IF and WHEN we figure out what all these switches are for...

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