Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa: The 2010 Edition

For a look at 2009's letter ...

Dear Santa,

This was a hard year, Santa. There were parts that stretched me to places that I never wanted to know. I did my very best to live each day with the motto of "no regrets". It was very difficult, Santa. I tried to turn things around and look at the blessings instead of focusing on the loss and challenges. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I sucked but I was trying really hard so I am going to cut myself a compassionate break and say, "Yes, I WAS a very good girl this year."

So here is my list:

* Fun times with the people I love
* Loads of laughter

That's it. That's all.

Thank you in advance-

1 comment:

Dar said...

What a wonderful, honest approach.
Santa will be impressed and love you for your sincerity. You will surely get your wish.