Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Will Glue Dots adhere my head back on?


I am speechless.


I am speech FULL.

If you are here for scrapping and not for a rant then click away, my friend. Click hard and fast because I have had ENOUGH.

Remember my post on this lovely representative of his constituents who grabbed a college kid and spoke to him accusingly, suspiciously, arrogantly and, some say, in an altered state? Mr. Etheridge still has a job. Why? This man needs to be fired immediately. The people of NC should have offered him a chance to resign before they took action resulting in him no longer being a Public Servant. Serving the Public - representing his constituents...who pay his salary.

And now Rep. Stark totally mocking and speaking condescendingly to a group of his constituents?

Our government is out of control. They have forgotten who they work for. Their loyalties are definitely elsewhere. They are sending a message very clearly and very loudly that they hold us in complete contempt. We are stupid cows (my apologies to Pioneer Woman ) who do not even deserve common courtesy or maybe a grain of RESPECT. Can you imagine speaking to anyone in this way much less your employers? Or how you would feel if someone spoke to you or someone you love in this manner?

And yet there are no consequences. No pink slip, no naughty chair, no time out.

So, I am going to ask...

Are you paying attention? Are you watching what is going on?

I can't believe that we are sitting by and watching our government completely dismiss us, discount us and ram their agendas through without the slightest thought to our constitution, our opinions or our liberties. I am horrified. HOR-RI-FIED.

So, I can show you pictures of my latest art project or tell you that it is my husband's birthday today but it seems irrelevant. Irrelevant when I know that the world is changing so quickly and a total disregard for humanity is growing exponentially. Exploding, really.

God help us.


Shelley said...

What an arrogant, pompous, *ss!! He obviously forgets he works "for the people", not against them.

Roben-Marie said...

Amen, sister!