Monday, June 14, 2010

When I was a little girl...

me in the yellow shorts

Inspired by Shelley's post today.
  1. My grandmother lived on a dirt road, my sister and I used a stick and drew out the floor plan of our pretend house and played in it for hours.
  2. My mom made most of my clothes.
  3. One of my prized possessions was a Miss America doll. She was beautiful and very fancy. I wonder what happened to her.
  4. I was in love with books. The Betsy and Starr series was one of my favorites as a new reader. My mom read aloud to me many books.
  5. I played outside with neighborhood kids pretty much all day everyday. The more kids the better.
  6. Going to the drive-in to see Elvis or Doris Day movies was the best. I still love the movies.
  7. I loved to play dress up and sing Broadway show tunes.
  8. I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up.
  9. I was a Brownie and continued in Girl Scouts - sold cookies in my neighborhood.
  10. Used to eat oranges plucked fresh off the trees in my grandfather's citrus grove.
What did you do as a little girl?

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