Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Story: Ten Things

I have been writing in Jen Lee's Take Me With You journal. One of the fun pages in the journal is the page of lies. The idea is to get you writing and a prompt is a good way to jump start the process.

So, here are 10 outright, bold face lies about me:

  1. I always knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.
  2. I love all sandwiches especially egg salad.
  3. I love exercise and do it WAY too often.
  4. My closet is a who's who of designer labels.
  5. I spend tons of money on shoes especially stilettos.
  6. Movies bore me and I never watch one more than once.
  7. Reading ( magazines, blogs, novels) is for losers and not for me.
  8. My favorite color is beige.
  9. I have never placed much stock in friends.
  10. I love it when nobody comments on my blog.
What are some lies about you? Right to my face, lie to me!


Shelley said...

These made me laugh! I'm with you on the color beige! A bold faced lie: "I prefer to be in the house, not outside in nature!"
"I love beets, cauliflower and brussel sprouts!"

Bobbie said...

Hmmm.... lie: "I am full of energy lately and really, REALLY enjoying the endless snow!" Hmph!

Thinking of you, Sandi-Pandi! (Lots of rhyming nicknames with the kids lately...)