Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art:: Thrifty Organization

Found this beauty at my fave thrift store. Cost $5. Washed it down good to remove all the dust and set outside in the sun to dry.

Found these 12x12 Recollections file folders on clearance at Michael's for $2.38.

I needed a new home for journal making supplies. So I sorted them by category and made a list of the categories. (I always spell category incorrectly - there is an "e"? - thank you, spell check)

Ran to our Dymo labeler (also from same thrift store last year) and printed up labels.

Labeled the pretty folders.

And there it is my new storage system for journal making supplies - on the cheap. Love it - this stuff makes my day.

Maybe I am a compulsive organizer - is there a show on A&E for that?!

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