Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Joan

Today would be Joan's birthday. Three years and I still miss her every day. When I think of her, it is more often with a smile and love rather than the sharp pain of grief. That is a nice change.

This year I am going to do a Ten Things List just for her.

Ten Things I Learned From Joan:
  1. It never hurts to ask - they can only say no and will often say yes. (btw, I still suck at this)
  2. More is better in almost all things.
  3. A smart girl always has a handful of Ziplock bags in her purse - great for leftovers, sorting out money, splitting a package of embellishments, etc.
  4. Keep cheese crackers (Nabs) in your car just in case you are too busy having fun to stop for a meal.
  5. No whining - EVER. Yell, scream, vent but don't whine.
  6. Say hello and smile at everyone. You never know who will need it more than you can ever know.
  7. Love is unconditional - no matter how annoying you are for a time.
  8. Love has no levels - everybody she loved was a platinum member in an exclusive club.
  9. Conquer new thing always - age is irrelevant. Do it. Take pictures. Scrapbook it. And sit by her at the crop. (Cos she has MORE - see #2)
  10. Be patient and kind unless you are fighting for a cause or injustice and then be brash and bold and win.

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Angela said...

What a powerful tribute to all things Joan. Good words of wisdom to live by.