Thursday, January 7, 2010

This one's for Sara

Organizational tips- Many of these are gleaned from this book from Aby Garvey et al.

  1. Figure out how you like things stored and store them that way. (i.e. I like things in open containers so I can see them)
  2. Store everything for one activity together (i.e. I have a Craftsmen tool tote that has all my stamping supplies it - I grab and go, my mail art supplies are all together, etc.)
  3. Sort things in a way that makes sense to you ( I like my ribbons sorted by color except for Cmas , I like other embellishments by category not by color, I like my alphabets in sets - no sorting by letter for me)
  4. I want my basic tools on the table so I can easily reach them - and I like them on a lazy susan (cheap at IKEA) so I can spin it and reach what I want.
  5. I like having magnetic/white boards on my wall. I have my inspiration board on one, my brads, eyelets etc in spice containers (IKEA) on another, and one that is blank and ready for lists, planning and sketching.
  6. The rubber stamps that I use the most are out on the hanging shelves that I have collected from thrift stores. I won't pay more than $6 and prefer $3 for the shelves!
  7. My clear stamps are in a clear over the door pocket shoe organizer and sorted by category (birds, small flourishes, lg flourishes, travel, etc.)They hang on the back of the craft room door.
  8. My paper is by manufacturer. I tried by color and did not like it. I buy mostly collections and they stay together - the only exceptions are Christmas and travel. I like to put them each in their own vertical storage pocket regardless of manufacturer.
  9. Order makes me happy. Clutter makes me crazy.
Everyone - Tell me what you like - got any tips you want to share???

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