Friday, January 8, 2010

Fearless Friday GiveAway

I had several art projects that were lying around. I did not want to throw them away nor did I have a specific purpose for them so I grabbed some punches and scissors and punched/cut them into shapes and made a garland.

I actually made it twice. Many of the items were not double sided and I thought that would be OK - turns out it wasn't. I went back thru and sewed things on the back of the shapes. So next time I would grab 2 of the same shaped item and sew thru them both making the item two sided the first time.

Now, I have a new garland for my room and I have the pictured one that I just took down to give away. In honor of my friend's One Word which is GIVE, I am letting you decide if you want to give this to yourself or would like to give it to a friend.

Leave a comment and tell me if you want the garland sent to you or to a friend. I will randomly pick a winner Sunday. Happy Friday!


Barbara said...

A sewn paper garland--PERFECT! You learned how to sew and created an adorable handmade accessory...a tribute to your DARE-ing! Love it. Can't wait to learn how to use my sewing machine so you can teach me all of your crafty tricks.

Ginny said...

Oh I love it~ I have no friends that would appreciate the garland as I would, so it would go to me :)