Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disney - the details

How cool is it that you can digi scrap a layout just hours after you get home?

We went to Disney today determined to master the Art of Disney in Relaxation Mode. This is a very difficult thing to do. At least for us. No more rushing from attraction to attraction with your head down avoiding the bright sun and the throngs ahead of you. We were in "take the road less traveled and stop of photograph the details" mode.

The irony is that the very reason I love Disney is the attention to detail. I had no idea that there was another whole Disney I had never seen. After reading this book, I discovered that there are details and insider jokes literally everywhere. We are now doing Details - Disney Style - a tour of our own making that is sooo nice. Today we stayed 4.5 hours and came home before there was any sign of that slack jawed, bone tired, ready to weep thing that can grab you before you even know it.

We took pictures of our favorite details and experiences then narrowed it down to just 15 for the layout. There is no picture for WE DID IT but just know - we did!

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Grace said...

Now I have to go purchase this book! I love your page it is so cool. Grace