Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Britney Spears, eat your heart out

In 1966, I was rocking out the Catholic school girl look WAY before Britney. I did not sport the requisite knee socks but it was Florida and your legs would literally melt off your hipbones if you wore knee socks. In case you are confused, I am the one with the headband holding back my humidity soaked curls. The angelic blonde behind me is my longest friend, Lucy, who sent me this card yesterday. And we were protestant girls in public school and practically inseparable.

We met in fourth grade just before my mom realized that I was quite nearsighted and needed glasses BADLY. I have been just short of a seeing eye dog since. Lucy joined me quickly with glasses but she was able to switch to contacts later while I still remain true to spectacles.

Come on, seriously, wouldn't you want to have a slumber party and invite us? I will bring my Monkees albums and Lucy will bring Twister. We will giggle half the night talking about the cute boys in class and who was wearing their first bra.

We are available next Friday night.


Barbara said...

Adorable pair of proper school girls. I'm 'in' for the sleepover!

Grace said...

Aww how adorable!! So Proper! xoxox