Friday, January 15, 2010

And then my head exploded...

First off, my lovely friends under 35, just close this up and go text someone because this is going to sound like your gramma discovering Wi-fi for the first time. You will not truly understand the enormity of my experience yesterday and that is OK. Call me old and turn away - I will understand.

Yesterday I bought an ipod touch. Had a bit of extra in the budget and after conferring with my children, decided to take the plunge especially after they both offered such great advice and promised to help me figure it out. Cassie asked me some really good questions like, "What is it that you want it to do?" When I told her she said, "It can do so much more but yes, this will be perfect for what you are talking about." Basically I wanted an ipod and the other features like checking email and a game or two were gravy. I thought of it as a cool toy more than anything else.

I plugged it into my computer where it copied my iTunes catalogue at a speed that I thought was amazing. I started to play with it...

and then my head exploded.

Seriously, I felt my brain grow yesterday as I struggled to make sense of what I was seeing. I was sitting in my chair and IMing my sister thru AIM on this thing about the size of a bar of soap only much thinner. (Jarrett had to help me figure out that I needed an app to do this but it took him about 45 seconds to find the app and download it). I set up weather so that I knew the temp and weekly forecasts in 6 different locations immediately. I am following the weather of my family and friends and a location for that retirement log cabin we are planning. I practiced the "notes" feature which I am going to love because I am a list maker. A shopping list on the fly? - oh yeah! I downloaded a game for those waiting in a medical office situations or sitting waiting to pick up Jarr at school.

And then I remembered that it played music. Oh, yeah! I tried the Genius playlists where you pick a song and it picks a playlist based on your interest in that one song. Amazing.

I ran to my sewing machine and fashioned a padded pouch to carry it in or to wear as an across the body mini-bag for my walks with Lexi. Then I programmed a playlist to listen to while we are walking. Can it walk for me too??

I checked and answered emails.

Then I feel into bed mentally exhausted. The fact that it was 9:00 pm was irrelevant. I had traveled years in my technological understanding. Or maybe acceptance is a better word. I don't really "get" what this tiny little thing can do but I am going with it. And wondering what is next.

Can the Jane Jetson pushing a button and dinner appearing thing be far behind?


Sara said...

OMG! I would TOTALLY be the same! I have an "old fashioned" phone, one that I never thought I would text -- but alas, the college kids I work with have forced me into texing next time, a better phone...I think my head would explode with an Iphone or Blackberry....

Ginny said...

I won an ipod touch about a month ago. I love it, I have 10 pages of apps, lol.

I hardly listen to the music, I love the apps. I barely use my netbook I had to have either anymore, lol. I love it! Congrats on the new purchase :)

Ginny said...

Oops, hit reply to soon. I got my paper garland yesterday. I LOVE it! So so cute. Trying to decide where to put it still :)