Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ten Things...

on my mind today...

  1. Payday - thank God. We made it again. Two weeks since my payday rant and nothing has changed.
  2. Christmas morning is going to look very different this year. Very little is coming from a retail store and very little will be new. We are having a thrift store/garage sale/handmade Christmas.
  3. Tomorrow is Art Day with Roben-Marie. Always a favorite day on the calendar.
  4. Making sure that the holidays are as relaxing as possible and the focus is not on the stuff or the lack thereof.
  5. Starting a new art challenge for myself. The year of "Dare" is nearly over and I want it to end with a bang.
  6. Thinking about my word for 2010. Not sure what direction I will take and letting that be OK for now.
  7. Feeling gratitude for the friendships in my life. And feeling community - something I so desperately sought.
  8. Thinking about balance - some days it is difficult to find the joy and simple pleasures to balance the overwhelming knowledge of the utter mess our country is in.
  9. Craving a good movie - preferably in the theatre. I will settle for a video though.
  10. Thanksgiving - my favorite meal of the year. Our menu is stuffed with tradition and wonderful food.
What's on your mind? I would love to hear.


Shelley said...

Christmas is going to be more handmade- or should I say homemade in our house this year. For different relatives I'm making a goody basket of baked sweetbreads, cookies and other treats.

Sara said...

I love your list, I'm going to think about mine...and my word for next year...and how I end this year with the word I chose. I'm with you on Xmas...we are only gettin gifts for the kids, and then then have to be meaningful...I want to celebrate and experience the season for what it is, not what it does....