Thursday, October 29, 2009

Payday or How many times can you use "pissed" in the same post?

I know it is not just me...

Today is the day that the paycheck hits the bank while tomorrow is officially payday. This morning I logged in and our checking account had a healthy amount in it instead of the squeaking thin sound it makes the few days before payday. Is there an end in sight to this calamity of an economy?

It depends to whom you listen for your news. The govt. is saying we are in recovery. Yeah, and I am a tall, skinny Nordic girl. If we are just going to bald face lie to each other then definitely, we are in recovery.

Gas is up, groceries are up again (the latest statistics I have read are that grocery costs have increased 40% in the last 2 years.) and salaries are down and then down more. Where I live in the land of Holy Crap What Happened to Our Economy, our housing values have declined 40 - 50% in the past 2 years, our small businesses are dropping like flies and the mall is empty. Families are on their second or third salary cut or reduction of hours and trying to focus on gratitude that they have a job at all as they watch their neighbors lose theirs.

And the truest barometer of how it is going is not looking good - I am shopping at Walmart. Ugh! I am a Target girl but right now Target is not being competitive enough in grocery prices. I have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h our food dollar and Target is not elastic. So I whiningly go to Walmart and am grateful that the remodel just completed makes the store more appealing. There has also been a shift in personnel and the service is improved so it doesn't totally suck to be there. But it is not nor will it ever be Super Target. Damn this economy.

I know it is not just me.

So, it pisses me off to hear that we are in recovery when we are not. It pisses me off to read about our govt. printing obscene amounts of money rapidly devaluing the money that was just deposited in my checking account. I watch the dollars turn into coins because it is worth so little now. It pisses me off to watch everyone struggling to make sense of the outright nonsense that is being spewed and calling it "facts". Puh-leeze, don't even begin to pretend that you have the people of this country's best interest at heart while the headlines scream about a pandemic that isn't, or about vaccines that we must give our children, pregnant woman and elderly without knowing the truth about their safety, effectiveness or where/how they are being manufactured and what is IN them.

It pisses me off that I spend hours playing a new game called "Find the Truth". It is a very difficult game requiring hours of googling, reading out of print books and talking to my sister asking what does THIS mean? We have 2 HUGE white dry erase boards that Joe and Jarrett made that hang in our office/computer room (yes, that's conslervatory to you) that we fill with information when we ask questions like "What the hell is cap and trade?", "Why is Chicago linked with Socialism?", "Who are Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones, really?" and "When you connect the dots what is this new picture we are seeing?" This game is not for the weak stomached.

I would rather be scrapbooking - trust me.

I know it is not just me.


Sara said...

OMG! Well SAID my friend! You hit every point right on the head...

When will it all end?!?!?

Grace said...

I dont know some people are acting like nothing is going on I know I have cut back alot and I do not have a mortgage and lots of huge bills. But some people just keep spending frivoulously. Good post wish Obama would listen to you! lol This printing more money is really killing us more as long as we have our health and jobs all is well I guess! Sad how many people I know are losing homes. Hugs Girlie Grace ooooo