Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching up...

So, I had to do some catching up today on my Project 365 which was sorely behind this past week. A year is a long time to do anything daily. I am in the home stretch now. The holiday months will be a snap cos I am usually taking lots of photos anyway - especially for the December Daily album ala Ali Edwards. This will be my third year doing the DD album and I so enjoy making it and then looking back on it.

Swedish Fish - yummm and yes please.

Found a cool night stand at Somewhere in Time - my favorite vintage consignment shop. This is for the guest room which is getting a MAJOR overhaul. Come and stay - you will be oh so comfortable.

Found these matchbooks dated 1960 - each one has a different recipe inside it. They are too kitschy cool to leave behind especially since Joe loves to pick up matches wherever we go.

Here is the shop which was completely deserted until I pulled out my camera and then a crowd walked by. Alas...

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Grace said...

Hahaha That happpens to me all the time there is no one around then I whip out the camera and pow crowds..wait and they look at me like they want to be in the picture! Helloo get out of the way...so I put the camera away and wella they disapear! LOL Hugs & Kisses Grace