Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art day - Exploring beeswax

Art Day with Roben-Marie. We were determined to experiment and, if possible, master beeswax.

This is the full piece I did which is 8 x 16. I worked with spray inks, stencils, gesso and paints. Also added some pieces of a very old Italian dictionary that Roben-Marie had in her stash. Finished up with a coat of beeswax as a sealer and adhesive for the embellie pieces.

Today Joe and I worked on the California hybrid project that has been sitting waiting for us to get back to it. Someday I am going to photograph my spreads BEFORE I put them in the album but that day is clearly not today!

Created these two pages plus another that is waiting for some additional pics so it is complete.

Art weekend - woo hoo!

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