Monday, August 31, 2009

Project 365

Credits: painted by me - inspired by the styles of Kelly Rae Roberts and DJ Pettitt

Today is Day One in my "Visual Adventures" class with Elise Blaha. I had painted "Dream Big" over the weekend and had no specific purpose in mind other than just continuing to stretch myself (hello, dare) into new areas. It is all about tackling the "I can't". I am working on the "I can't paint like a mixed media artist." OK, so maybe I can. At this point as I am experimenting, I am nowhere near discovering my style but just trying on what others do, becoming comfortable with the mechanics of it and then venturing out into what is me?

So... since I had this painting sitting here I used it for the cover of my art journal for Elise's class. Pictured is the cover with the face and then the back cover which is scrapbook paper (K&Co. Urban collection). Not sure if I need to add another hole to bind it with 2 or 3 bookrings. I will figure that one out as I go. If you have an opinion, chime in please.

The dryer is dinging demanding my attention and dinner needs to be started so off I go.

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