Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project 365 - 04.27.09 & 04.28.09

Love this pic of Jarr. Hard to catch this kind of soft and open smile.

Isn't this beautiful? It is another photo from the cookout this weekend.

Have you ever just hit the wall creatively?

I feel like I have hit a wall. It is either the best time to be going to a scrapbooking weekend or the worst. I am hoping for the former. I am hoping that being inspired by someone else's ideas will be just what I need. The idea of gluing down stuff according to someone else's design so I do not have to think sounds perfect.

I love Project 365. The way the album is filling with a photo a day that tells a very distinct story about what is important and "photo worthy" to me is so cool. Lately though, it is a chore. Another day, another photo. What am I going to do today? I just want to stop... but I don't want to give this up because it is so meaningful. The day in and day out thing is just getting on my nerves.

Creativity should never feel like a "to-do". It should be a "ta-da". Something I can feel proud of - an expression of who I am as a person and as an artist. Why does it feel like brushing my teeth and doing laundry? Check it off the list.

I guess this is what happens when you are doing something you don't really want to do anymore. It bleeds over into the rest of your life and taints it. Kind of like the one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch, baby (if you are old enough you are now hearing Donny Osmond in your head).

For now, I am going to leave it unexplained until I talk to the person I need to talk to and get this settled. I will keep you updated! Thanks for letting me talk this through.

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Shellmo said...

Your son does have a sweet smile! :)
I hope you get everything worked out...