Monday, December 1, 2008

The Story of this gift-

This gorgeous handmade felt stocking was a very special gift to me last year. The story is close to my heart.
Last year, while blogging, I talked about the "rescue tree" on our lanai and how it came to be. The tree came out of the lack of generational family ornaments on our tree. We have a few ornies that were Joe's grandmother's but otherwise there is nothing that has a sense of history beyond the 27 years that Joe and I have created together. Our history pretty much starts at our 1981 "First Christmas Together" glass ball.
Last year my friend, Barbara gave me some wonderful gifts. The last thing I opened was this stocking. It was handmade by her grandmother, Elizabeth (of Campaign 93 fame) when Barbara was a child. Barbara comes from a family where history is cherished and valued. She shared a part of her history with me. Barbara's mother was Joan, my treasured friend. This blog is dedicated in her memory.
So, the sense of lineage and history in this little handmade felt stocking is immense. I treasure it and the three women that it represents. The grandmother that crafted it in love, the mother that shared her love so freely with me, and the daughter that opened her heart and gave me a tangible symbol of connection that hangs on my tree.
I am forever connected with each of these women and they with me.


Shonna said...

What a special story!! Thanks for sharing it.

Grace said...

You made me cry but was a happy cry..You are so fortunate as they are also to have and have had such special people in your life! Thannk you for sharing with us with your blog...Hugs Grace