Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Yesterday Elizabeth got 4 cards in the mail. She continues to enjoy the cards and has reportedly been "giggling" at the funny ones. Yes, this is a very good thing.

In all that has been going on here with Campaign 93, I have not mentioned that I was one of the Creative Escape lottery winners. That means that I got to register for the wildly popular, sells out in under 3 minutes, annual creative scrapbooking retreat in Arizona. And I get to take a friend. My roommate and creative partner will be the lovely and talented Ms Barbara Moore.
She is Joan's daughter, Elizabeth's granddaughter and Heidi Swapp's newest BFF. And this woman is not only an amazing scrapbooker and photographer but So Much Fun. I can be shy in large crowds but Barbara is fun fun fun. It is going to be hard to wait the near year until we go - October 2008.

Yes, I know - I am very lucky.

So, that is the scoop for today. Mostly a quiet day. That can be a very good thing just before the holiday crunch.

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Bobbie said...

Do you have a total, by chance? : ) I'd love to update my students on Friday... I really love that picture of her with them on the tray!

Congratulations on the scrapbooking adventure!