Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Roger that.

This terrible photo is Col. Benjamin Drew. Sadly, this is the best photo I got from the back of a dark auditorium. My apologies to Ben and his family because this man was a really interesting speaker and more importantly an ASTRONAUT. Col. Drew has been on the Space Shuttle and the Space Station. In our household, that is a BIG Honkin' DEAL. You know - Joe - NASA -soulmates.

Last night we went to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to hear Ben speak. It was very interesting and, at times, amusing. Ben says that once you are in space and have some free time every astronaut loves to perform "Stupid Astronaut Tricks" just cos they can. You gotta love a guy that talks about eating dinner on the ceiling of the kitchen just cos it is cool. Naturally we wanted Ben to come eat dinner on our kitchen ceiling but he was busy promoting Black History Month and NASA. BTW - he says the best thing you can do to become an astronaut is to apply - period.

Very cool evening. I know that Joe was totally in his glory. (Kinda like me in Ali Edwards class when she came to the table and just chatted.) So cool!

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Bobbie said...

Actually, I'd like to write a book one day... the working title is The Explosion of Our Car (And other Blessings in Disguise)... just about my different experiences growing up and how they had positive consequences as well as negative ones...

...and I write a ton in graduate school.

The problem is... once I'm given a format and deadlines... I hate it. I feel so constrained... by grammar and punctuation and then I get all bogged down. Maybe a year or so without being forced to write will allow the creative juices to flow...

...but thank you... :)

And I'm also glad Joe got to see his "Ali"