Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fighting viruses

So... the double edged sword of teenaged boys has fallen upon us.

Our computer became completely, and nearly lethally, infected with many mega-viruses. Jarrett is most likely the cause of said infecting as he downloads things off the internet despite being threatened with possible death for doing so. Jarrett also is the one who knew how to rescue us from the brink of fatality. See? Double edged. Do you shun him forever or thank him and in what order? Parenting sometimes gives me a headache.

I will catch up soon on our trip to IKEA (insert the chorus of cherubs harmonizing) and other fun things we have been up to. After we prepare for our SuperBowl evening.

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Bobbie said...

Thank you for your sweet words, Sandi. :) I had never seen many of those pictures before... they were the best present ever.

I am definitely looking forward to hearing about IKEA. Man, I love that place... and yet I never live close enough to one to frequent it. Boo.

Also, please keep us posted on the acrylic album... they are very intriguing.